Hands Totally Free Cell Phone Use

It's unfortunate that even in the current world we have to face certain disabilities. These disabilities range from disability to voice out disability to think properly disability to see properly disability to feel or touch something but the worst of all is the disability hands-free to hear.

New Jersey: Drivers in this state found guilty of using a hands free not only for texting - but also for talking or emailing -- are subject to a $100 fine for first-time offenses.

Well guess what? Some clever scientist over in Japan has taken the 'smell' of wasabi as it burns your nose and transformed it into an amazing new product to aid sound through the tongue in the event of a fire. It was while eating some that the light went on in his head and he suddenly thought hey, I have a great idea how this could help deaf people in the event of a fire. A moment of outrageous genius for sure.

The National Transportation Safety Board is asking every state to ban cell phone use while driving. Their request includes the use of cell phones with a hands free device.

You may have to pay for it, but you would simply download the software to your unit. And then simply register or input the devices information hearing advice into the GPS and your done. Pretty cool stuff.

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